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E-Governance efforts in Kerala : CAG indicting IKM // A local state affair is now part of a global corrupt mafia !

Posted by egovernance on January 8, 2007

E-Governance efforts in Kerala : CAG indicting IKM
is the original document of Comptroller and Auditor General indicting 
(the most dubious e-governance project in the subcontinent) IKM and 
Government (exposing the links that senior IAS officials have with the 
project and Microsoft).

"A review of the implementation of the project was conducted by Audit 
during February – July 2003 with reference to records in IKM 
headquarters, one Grama Panchayat2 and two Municipal Corporations3. The bilingual 
data base in SQL4 Server in MS Access format was analysed using 
Computer Assisted Audit Technique and sample test method."
==> Project clearly involves proprietary corporate solution.

"Government stated (July 2004) that the unutilised Central assistance 
of Rs 25.72 crore released during March 2003, according to ways and 
means position, had been deposited in the PD account of the Director of 
Panchayats. As IKM had utilised only Rs 2.37 crore during 2003-04, there 
was no justification to release funds of that magnitude to them."
==> (in this period we have farmers committing suicides)

"Wasteful expenditure of Rs 69.78 lakh to train technical persons                                                           
The expenditure of Rs 69.78 lakh incurred on selection, training and 
stipend to the apprentice trainees had become a waste. The Government 
stated (November 2004) that the expenditure incurred on training of 
technical persons was insignificant compared to substantial cost
benefits that would accrue from BOLT mode. The reply is not tenable as 
the wasteful expenditure represented 22% of funds earmarked for 
training (Rs 3.15 crore).."
==> 3.15 crore for training - includes food, accommodation, travel and 
campfire expenses - truly 5 star for a State like Kerala.

"Though the administrative control of IKM was transferred from the SPB 
to LSGD in July 2001, no fresh agreement was executed between C-DIT and 
LSGD for continuation of the project after 31 March 2001.  Government 
stated (November 2004) that steps were taken to sign the MoU between 
C-DIT and LSGD with effect from April 2001. Such agreement with
retrospective effect will not serve the desired purpose."
==> Conspiracy between State Planning Board and Local Self Government 

"In the absence of higher level suitable provision for validation of 
data at an upper level, there was a risk of issuing incorrect 
certificates, as the integrity of the data input cannot be                       
vouchsafed. "
==> Even if it is technically corrected, the platforms and standards 
are proprietary and the risk  would only continue.

"The Government stated (November 2004) that online operation of 
Soochika and Sevana had commenced. But online operation of Sulekha, Sanchaya 
and Samkhya is yet to start."
==> IKM presenting plain lies before public with Government approval.

"Due to inadequate controls for authorizing and capturing system access 
logs, the security of the system cannot be vouchsafed."
==> Since freedom to access software components is missing, security is 
not there and can never be there.

All this and more at
As of now, the Executive Mission Director of IKM has been promoted to 
be Chairman of IKM and is a member of State Planning Board. The earlier 
Planning Secretary, SPB is now Secretary to LSG Department (under whose 
control now IKM also comes). ==> simple switching theory.

CK Raju

A local state affair is now part of a global corrupt mafia !


Its not just an in-house affair, the nexus spreads it wings beyond and 
extends them to bodies like United Nations - with a different theme 

A local state affair is now part of a global corrupt mafia !

CK Raju -- 

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